Coffee Appreciation Workshop Singapore


Suzuki Coffee offers a series of interesting learning platforms for coffee enthusiast who wish to acquaint themselves with the art of appreciating gourmet coffee. These platforms are highly creative, fun, and engaging.

About Suzuki Coffee Appreciation Program

Suzuki Coffee has inaugurated a series of unprecedented coffee appreciations since February 2005 to promote gourmet coffee culture. Targeted at coffee enthusiast who are keen to learn more about the art of drinking gourmet coffee, the programme aims to inculcate individuals with the skills to experiment and brew their own gourmet coffee. With the knowledge and know-how, gourmet coffees can be enjoyed in the comforts of one’s own home. Coffee drinking is simply about pleasure, and at Suzuki Coffee, we constantly aim to inspire, educate and engage coffee drinkers in the art and style of gourmet coffee drinking through our Coffee Appreciation programs. 

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