Coffee Appreciation Workshop Singapore

Knowledge Centre for Coffee

Committed to our corporate mission to groom the gourmet coffee industry, the company conducts professional training courses for training institutions and end-users from the F&B and hospitality industries to groom service professionals. Our talented customers who are mainly hospitality professionals, business owners, and employees of F&B establishments in both Singapore and Malaysia enjoy professional training on coffee by our Specialist Trainer as part of our full suite business solutions extended to them. 

The comprehensive training modules provide knowledge and background on coffee, sensory evaluation, brewing and preparations of a wide variety of café-style coffees, basic coffee etiquette, beverage services, technical training, daily care and maintenance of coffee machines. Establishments such as five-star hotels, airlines, chained restaurants, and coffee outlets have invariably benefited from such training which resulted in better service extensions, raising the standard of professionalism in the service industry. 

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