Gourmet Coffee


For coffee lovers who like to enjoy a perfect cuppa at the comfort of their own homes, Suzuki Coffee offers a range of carefully selected coffee available in most major supermarkets in Singapore.

Classique Collection


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    Suzuki Classique Collection offers you a selection of coffee fresh from our roaster to enjoy at the comfort of your own home.

    Italian Espresso

    The insensely rich, full bodied espresso injects an invigorating punch that delicately demarcates the roasted caramel undertone with a tender sweet finishing...A perfect way to start the day.


    Royal Blend

    An exquisite blend befitting the stature of a king and certainly for the discerning, Royal Blend uses only the finest almonds and beans. An aristocrally strong-bodied coffee, it has a rich, flavourful and distinctive taste.


    Sumatra Mandheling

    The evanescence of the sweet dew of dawn, the Mandheling bean is highly regarded as the most full-bodied Arabica in the world. The full-bodied coffee has a rich flavour and splendid aroma.


    Colombian Supremo

    Colombia is renowned for her rich culture and passionate people. Most famous in Colombia is the COlombian Medelin coffee. Like her culture and people, the coffee has a rich and memorable flavour...Superbly delectable.

Premium Collection


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    Suzuki Premium Collection offers a  selection of exquisite coffees for the discerning taste.


    Maqee Blend

    An exquisite blend. A heavenly combination of Robusta, Colombia Supermo and Sumatra Mandheling with almonds that produces a classic strong bodied flavor. Distinct and rich, the delightfully bittersweet tinge of Maqee transforms into a taste profile so divine and irristable, offering a full strength aroma when added with sweetner and cream.


    Rosta Blend

    Rosta is the classic Italian roast to perfection. The intensely rich, full bodied espresso gives an invigorating punch which delicately demarcrates the roasted caramel undertone with a tender sweet finishing...a perfect cuppa to start the day.



    Made from the finest organic coffee beans found only in some exclusive coffee regions located near the equator, Loma, a product of nature in the ultimate answer for the organic aficionados. It has an alluring aroma yet wholesome, mild and pleasently soft taste profile that is low in acidity, offering a mellow and smooth cuppa to be enjoyed any time of the day.