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History of the Bean

As the World’s second most popular drink, the rich and aromatic coffee owes its beginnings to the humble coffee berry. From this simple berry, nature has gifted us with the most prevailing fuel to ignite our intellects. 

The first known discovery of the coffee berry was dated as far back as A.D.575. Popular folklores have attributed its discovery to different characters. The modern coffee drink was invented at the end of 15th century, when roasting and crushing the coffee beans before extracting them with hot water grew in acceptance. 

Once exclusive only to aristocrats in its burgeoning years, coffee’s popularity soon permeated to every level of the society. Interestingly, the earliest forms of coffeehouses in Constantinople (now Istanbul) were called "schools of wisdom" where music, games, or discussions on poetry and politics proliferated in these elaborately designed establishments during the 16th century. In those days, they were the ancient equivalent of bars for the gentlemen of distinction. 

Today, coffee is a part of everyday life for most people. Living in the privileged era, gourmet coffees are no longer exclusive to the rich. However, one thing does and will remain the same, coffee, particularly Suzuki Coffee, is the source of love, comfort, creativity and bonding for generations to come.



gift his goatKaldi and the Dancing Goats
The common legend about the discovery of coffee points to the goat shepherd named Kaldi in Ethiopia, the backdrop of the legend’s origin where the magical berry was discovered…

One day, Kaldi noticed that his goats were jolted with energy and jumping frenziedly after consuming the fruits and leaves of a particular bush. Filled with curiosity, he sampled this mysterious verdure. The same boost of energy cruised his veins.

Kaldi then took some of the bush's fruit and branches to a monastery near his pasture grounds. The abbot attempted to cook the branches and cherries but spewed the bitter concoction. In pure aversion, he threw the entire pot of bitter beverage into the fire.

Much to both Kaldi and the abbot’s surprise, the brew released an aroma so pleasant when the berries started to burn. The misadventure gave the abbot the idea of making a drink using the roasted beans, and this was how coffee as a drink came about.

Chadely and the Goat Shepherd
Another version has it that a gentleman named Chadely was tortured by guilt: He fell asleep during prayer every night, and was directed to a Shepherd in his dreams.

Well, we can only guess that the shepherd who was referred to in this version is Kaldi.