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Splendour of the Gift

The Source of Love

Coffee has earned prominence in popular culture as a drink over which love and friendships blossom. We are familiar with scenes in movies, dramas or sitcoms, showing how friendship, family-bonding and love develop over a cup of coffee. With the growing popularity of coffee, Suzuki Coffee believes that it is indeed a source of love which binds lovers together.

Between kisses
by Nurfa'izah Bte Tubi
we huddle rub squeeze our bodies breathless swaying
sideways up and down spaces flavoured by
rich dark continents hugging entwined
merge and melt our hearts
beat a common rhythm
falling fluid
lin ger
bet ween

By June Gwee
She wakes every morning,
Eager and impatient.
For she knows he will be waiting
In their usual corner.
She looks at her reflection
As she passes the stores.
Surprised to see a girl
Bright-eyed and flushed.
Round the bend is her prince -
The reason for her haste.
Through the café door,
Into Arabica.
Amidst its heady scent
She meets her one true love.
Sipping café Mocca,
Savouring its full body.
The minutes passed,
Their spirits high,
They will never forget
The climax of the day.
The time they spend together
Embraced by the aroma
Of sensuous Arabica.

The Source of Comfort

greenSuzuki Coffee has made gourmet coffee more accessible to coffee lovers at the comfort of their own homes. 

As the popularity of coffee grows, gourmet coffees are no longer restricted to cafés. More coffee aficionados are brewing their own cuppa at home. As such, the popularity of the domestic coffee machines and brewing units for those who enjoy gourmet coffee as a reflection of their lifestyles, are increasing. Being a coffee expert, Suzuki Coffee is also the retailer of a wide range of selected coffee and espresso related equipment for both homes and commercial use. 

Do you enjoy café-styled coffee? Have fun experimenting and brewing coffee in the comfort of your home. Learn the basics to café style coffee and be your own Coffee Barista. Suzuki Coffee shows you how you can make your own Cuppuccino, Italian Espresso, Latte, Mocha, and a variety of other blended creations served in cafés! Check out Suzuki Coffee Specials every month for new recipes!

The Source of Bonding

The modern day association of coffee and work has grown progressively. Whether it is the unique flavour and taste of the divine cuppa or the properties of coffee to simulate the mind, coffee is firmly entrenched as a source of bonding… 
Suzuki Coffee offers some of the most exclusive bonding opportunities in choice venues with fun and interesting contents for coffee lovers to indulge in the art of coffee
couple• Power Breakfast
The unmistakable aroma of coffee starts each day on a bright note and fuels your energy and creativity. There is no better place for breakfast other than Tiffin Room, Raffles Hotel - Power breakfast in the charm of the old world.

• Business Luncheon
Break the barrier of formality with the universal language of coffee and celebrate the start of a wonderful partnership. Wrap up the meal and seal the deal at Equinox over a cup of Suzuki Coffee.

• Chill out Dinner
The pleasant company of friends and a good cup of coffee end any day on a good note. Dine at Nude Bar, Indochine, and chill out with the perfect cup of Suzuki Coffee!

• Suzuki Coffee Appreciation
Indulge in the culture and immerse in the fine art of coffee appreciation at the Bars & Billiard Room, Raffles Hotel, the perfect place for coffee tête-à-têtes.

The Source of Creativity

The aroma, taste, texture, and flavour of a cuppa are often said to give inspirations to the mind. Indeed, “C” stands for Coffee, the Catalyst for Creativity. As such, coffee is equally presented in the arts – both as the subject and as the medium.

A Glimpse Of Coffee Arts

Morning Coffee

French Paintinggift splen mornpic
François Boucher
Paris, 1703 - Paris, 1770
Morning Coffee

Thought by some commentators, the painting offers a glimpse of domestic happiness of the artist's own family. It is a testimony to lifestyle at the time of Louis XV, showcasing the interior decoration style of that era - complete with wall lamps, elaborate wall clock, exotic Chinese statuette, and indulgence in the coffee craze – the latest luxury import of that time.

Midday Break

Modern Artgift splen midpic
Dennis Ascalon
Born Octber 17, 1960
Iloilo City, Philippines

Dennis Ascalon’s “Angels Series” reflect his views on the dichotomy between good manners and reputable conventions on one hand, and hypocrisy and dishonesty on the other hand - indeed, between good and evil. The use of murky earth colors blended into bright reds, yellows, and the like create an intense atmosphere of joyful melancholy. With his often mirthful take on the subject matter, this painting portrays that even angels need a coffee break!

Creating Art with Coffee

gift splen artpicWith the inherent staining properties of brewed coffee and its rich brown hues of varying depth and tones, it was not long before enterprising artists came up with the idea to use coffee not as a subject but as a medium for their art. Andy and Angel Saur are among this selected group of artists. This painting of a bear is completed entirely in coffee - no additives, just 100% pure coffee.

Coffee Stain Concept Art

gift splen stainpicMitchell Stuart has developed a pop-culture following his coffee stain art. Some of his works are found in his recent books: “Coffee with Mitch” and “Coffee with Mitch Refilled”. The sketches were drawn with ink and painted on site – mostly in coffee shops, with the fresh coffee he was drinking at the time. Accidental spills led to coffee stain art with no preconceived design (no pencil etc), just the fertile imagination looking for shapes and contours of inhabitants or crazy ideas. In his own words: “The balance between spill chaos and drawing control come together like cream and sugar to form surprising unplanned images.”
Coffee Appreciation – Why is it an Art?
The culture and history of coffee drinking are rich and are entrenched in most cultures and societies. The appreciation of coffee varies with different practices but nonetheless it is an art form.

The beans from the different coffee plants yield different flavours. Other variable factors that affect the taste include the different growth condition (soil, climate and cultivation conditions) in the different places of origin and the different processing and roasting techniques. Hence, it is not surprising that coffee has more than 700 taste profiles as compared to wine, which only has 400.

With such astounding complexity and range of possibilities, it is safe to say that no two fine coffees are alike. Not even the common blended coffees from different retailers. It takes great skills and art to be able to identify the different coffee characteristics and appreciate coffee like a true connoisseur.

To learn more about the art of coffee tasting, click here.

What Is Latte Art?
Designs made on the fine layer of foam found on the tops of most espresso based drinks are referred to as Latte Art, also known as coffee art.

Latte Art can be created using two methods. The first method forms designs by manipulating a stream of milk from a jug into the coffee (known as free pour latte art). The second method uses tools to draw designs (known as etching) onto the milk foam.

The popularity of Latte Art has grown with the consumption of gourmet espresso-based drinks. In fact, certain coffee enthusiasts now consider Latte Art as the crowning glory of a perfectly brewed espresso drink.

Get Creative With Suzuki Coffee!
Create your own blend of coffee, personalize it and share priceless coffee moments with friends, family, and loved ones! Create Your Own Blend is a unique, fun, and engaging activity incorporated into our Coffee Appreciations where participants get an opportunity to become a Coffee Specialist.

To get a hang of blending your own gourmet coffee, visit The Lobby Court in Swissotel, the Stamford where Suzuki Coffee has embedded the activity as part of the hotel’s dine & shop coffee bar concept. Also visit Suzuki Coffee | Art | Lifestyle Galleria to create and unwind with your own blend!