Founded in 1979, Suzuki Gourmet Coffee is Singapore’s oldest coffee roastery, offering the widest selection of fine roasted gourmet coffee in Singapore and the Asia region.


The company first started its operations in Bukit Timah, led by a Japanese coffee master’s passion and specialised roasting skills. Today we are located in Jurong complete with: factory, warehousing, logistic, maintenance, quality control facilities and a cafe.

With a strong emphasis on quality, the company delivers the "Freshly Roasted" brand promise, and redefines the coffee drinking experience with its innovative range of product offerings. Many of the world's most exclusive beans, such as Blue Mountain, Mandheling, Kenya, Brazil Santos, Ethiopia Sidamo, Colombian Supremo and Java Arabica are included in our range of exquisite single origin and blended coffees.


Our facilities


We use German-made drum roasting machines by Probat - the world-leading manufacturer of roasting machines. A drum roaster is able to roast beans evenly throughout the entire process, and has settings that allow us to vary the aroma, body and taste. Its water quenching system enables the bean to retain their rightful aroma at the stage of water quenching.


Our German Probat and USA Ditting grinders are global industry-standard when it comes to consistency in grinding size. The upper part of the grinding mill cuts the roasted coffee beans into 4 pieces, while the lower part further cuts them into 64 fine pieces. There fine pieces then travel into a tunnel surrounded by chilled water to be cooled, helping the ground beans retain their aroma.


Our packaging machines come with digital weighing scale, valve applicator, metal detector, nitrogen flushing and checkweigher, and can provide efficient packaging of stand up, pillow and flat bottom containers. Every packet is nitrogen flushed using one-way valve, and goes through a metal detector as a safeguard for consumers, as well as to maintain product freshness.

SuzuKI Coffee

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OEM Coffee One Stop service for Professional / Commercial use available.

We can do All  / Roasting / Production / Grinding / Packaging  coffee factory work directly for you to support your coffee business ........

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