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A moment to enjoy tranquility

Brings you coffee, brings you Japan

Our hospitality
Omotenashi – おもてなし

"Omotenashi" is what Suzuki Cafe's staff find important and stand for. This principle helps us ensure you experience incredible Japanese hospitality at every moment in our cafe. When you step into Suzuki Cafe, we hope you start feeling welcomed, respected, and serene. You can sense "Omotenashi" at every detail of our services.


While you enjoy the drinks and the environment in our cafe, we always wholeheartedly look after your needs and want to make sure that we serve you in the best way. Being considerate and paying attention to our customers is what you can expect from all our baristas.

Our service
Never compromise the quality

Our baristas focus on brewing every drop of coffee wholeheartedly, so you can always experience the best quality. That's why we can't be distracted to provide deli services. We only serve tasty Japanese pastry in our cafe and hope you enjoy the mellow moments with delicious coffee and dessert.


Brewed to Perfection


Our drink selection is a symphony of taste and innovation, meticulously designed to

awaken your senses.

From classic pourover to carefully crafted seasonal special, each cup contains the

inspiration and hard work of our artisans to

deliver the most unique “sumiyaki” flavours at Suzuki Coffee.

Opening hours
Suzuki Cafe

Contact Number: 9871 8315

Tue. to Sun.: 8.30am-5.30pm

Last order: 5pm

​Mon/PH:  Closed

parking available for our customer within the factory. 

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