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"Coffee is my life, and it cannot stop at any point in my journey."

Freddy Loo

Master roaster in Suzuki Gourmet Coffee

Coffee is an agriculture product which changes from time to time, crop from crop. Therefore, coffee roasting becomes it wonderful partners that could give them the uniformity appearance, beautiful aroma and wonderful taste, I call them ‘’Gift from Nature’’.


Coffee roasting required many years of roasting experience to enable them to capture the very important stages of coffee bean that changes during roasting. Suzuki coffee youngest roaster has more than 25 years, and myself have almost 40 years of roasting experience. Being a student of a great coffee master, I consider quality is the most crucial factor in producing good coffee. 


Gift from Nature of Suzuki has 3 key points which can transform coffee bean from its original taste profile to the highest aroma and taste.


Point 1: Double roasting technique required many years of roasting experience

Point 2: Must fully understand coffee bean characteristics and our requirements from the bean

Point 3: Roast from the heart and passion that never stops

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