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080 Vanilla Tabi

Origin: Colombia

Farm: Manantiales Del Frontino Farmer(s): Andrés Londoño, Olga Londoño

Tasting Note: Vanilla, Orange, Nutmeg

Altitude: 1700 – 1800 masl

Varietal: Tabi

Q-Grader Score: 86.5

Process: Washed, Wet Double Aerobic 84hrs


Manual selective recollection of ripe cherries at 23 Brix. Colour sorted by women of the community and density selection in water tanks.

Fermentation: Aerobic fermentation of the cherries for 36 hours. Cherries are pealed off and fermented aerobically for 48 hours with the pulp with temperature control making sure it’s between 20 – 22 C to slow down fermentation and accomplishing fruity notes.

Drying: Mix of sun-dried and mechanical silo with temperature control below 40 Celsius.

Recommended Roast: Light, Medium

Recommended Brewing Method(s): Filter/Pourover


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