Hokkaido An-Pan Tsukisamu (Koshi)
  • Enjoy the authentic Japanese flavor in this delicate An-Pan, 100% made with fine ingredients from Hokkaido, Japan. The An-Pan features delicious red-bean paste (koshi-an) and moist wheat dough.


    Per serving: 75g x 5pc

    Allergy: eggs, wheat


    Honma Co., Ltd. was founded in 1906 (Meiji 39) in Sapporo, Japan. Its signature product, "An-pan" is beloved by Japanese customers for more than half a century. The "An-pan" is made with locally-grown red beans and wheat. Without any add-ons in it, you can taste the original flavors of the ingredients with each bite of the dessert. So enjoy the unforgettable flavor lasts from Meiji era.

    Hokkaido An-Pan Tsukisamu (Koshi)

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