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History of Suzuki Coffee

Serve you the best coffee, always

Founded in 1979, Suzuki Gourmet Coffee is Singapore’s oldest coffee roastery, offering the widest selection of fine roasted gourmet coffee in Singapore and the Asia region. The company first started its operations in Bukit Timah, led by a Japanese coffee master’s passion and specialized roasting skills, Mr. Endo.


Mr. Endo worked as an apprentice in a coffee roasting factory in Japan, where he met one man who had changed his life, his mentor, Mr. Suzuki. He had inherited all the roasting skills he had accumulated over the years, and most importantly, he taught Mr. Endo, 


"Always remember the very first day that you started roasting coffee beans. Treat the beans like your own children, and be patient with them. Then, naturally, the beans will express themselves to you in various ways."


This motto is what we still follow in Suzuki Gourmet Coffee. Every single piece of coffee bean is precious.


With a strong emphasis on quality, the company delivers the "Freshly Roasted" brand promise, and redefines the coffee drinking experience with its innovative range of product offerings.

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