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Pourover Coffee Appreciation & Scrub Making | March 16

Introducing Our Inaugural Cross-Collaboration Workshop​

Suzuki launched it’s first ever cross-collaboration workshop with The Sustainability Project on 16 March 2024. Together with fellow coffee enthusiasts, SCA-certified, senior Barista & Roaster, Faizal led an immersive exploration into the art of V60 brewing.​

At Suzuki, We Care​

Aligned with our ongoing sustainability initiatives, our workshop didn’t just stop at perfecting pour-over coffee techniques. We delved deeper into the sustainability aspects of coffee. In an engaging, hands-on session led by TSP’s Founder, Jo, participants learned how to give coffee grounds a new life by crafting their own body scrubs to take home. It was a fun, experiential journey into sustainable coffee practices, embodying Suzuki’s commitment to both excellence and environmental consciousness whilst making it all fun at the same time! ​

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