Coffee Apprciation Workshop

About Suzuki

Our Company

Sarika Gourmet Coffee Co. (S) Pte Ltd (formally known as Suzuki Coffee Company) was founded in 1979 with the aim of supplying the widest selection of roasted coffee that is distinctively branded under the name Suzuki Coffee.

Started from a humble beginning with a small operation in Bukit Timah, today, we are located in Jurong with a factory, logistic and quality control facilities. The en suite production facility in complete with the best roasting technologies and innovative packaging systems to seal the freshness and quality that is our Suzuki Coffee signature.


Why Suzuki Coffee

Suzuki Coffee understands that everyday coffee drinker comes with individual taste and preference. Being passionate about coffee, our commitment lies in the selection of the best beans in the harvest, roasting the beans to achieve the richest flavor and aroma that can possibly be extracted. The entire process is administered in Singapore to ensure quality, freshness and hygiene.

Besides the roasting of coffee, our knowledge in the art of blending has won us many customers who prefer the exclusivity to serve Signature Blends - specially created by our Coffee Specialist. Our Coffee Specialist was the first Asian to be certified by SCAA (Speciality Coffee Association of America). He is the brainchild behind the existing collection of gourmet coffees that Suzuki Coffee proudly owns and is currently one of the grading panels for Robusta coffee under SICOM.

We look forward to serve the hotels and offices in Singapore with the best possible coffee machines, at the most affordable prices. We also organise coffee appreciation workshop in Singapore so do keep a lookout for that!